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 Post subject: Starting a game of 40k
PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 5:22 pm 
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Ok so i have been reading the rule book in regards to the start of the game, and i have heard different things from multiple different people and i just want to make the rules fully clear for my self as i might be missing something important.

Also this is in regards to the majority of the missions Eternal war & Maelstrom of war

Start of the game - excluding night fight psyker rolls and warlord.

"the Battlefield" - set up terrain (pg130)
- set up objective markers (if needed)(pg-mission pages)
"Deployment" - THEN each player rolls a D6 and the winner decides their deployment zone (pg1130-131 and mission rules "the battle field")
- AFTER the deployment zones are allocated use the standard deployment method (pg132)
- this creates another roll to see who will deploy their army first
- after both armies are deployed and after infiltrators and scouts have been placed the person who the player who is DUE to go second may attempt to steal the initiative (pg.132)

so as i read it.

player A wins the roll for deployment sides and chooses his side.

another roll is made and player B wins it but decides to make player A deploy first.

after player B finishes deploying but before turn 1 starts player B can attempt to steal the initiative.

Then turn 1 happens etc...

am i wrong ? or is that correct ?

if i have missed something can you please let me know and put in the page numbers to correct me.


PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 9:00 pm 
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Personally I find starting a game in this edition harder than ever. I must grown dependent on those ever so useful tables in the back of the 6th ed book. Damn I miss those.

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